A-list romp feels artificial

Barry C Chung
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Ever since Tom Cruise's sofa-jumping shenanigans on Oprah Winfrey's show, he's been branded a nutcase. Playing the role of a mentally unstable spy, in James Mangold's Knight and Day, certainly won't help him shed such an unflattering label.

At the airport in Wichita, in the US state of Kansas, Roy Miller (Cruise) 'bumps into' June Havens (Cameron Diaz) twice in five minutes. They are on the same flight to Boston, which Miller is eventually forced to pilot into a cornfield. Soon the pair is locked in a globe-trotting adventure trying to protect a teen scientist who's invented a battery with the potential to power an entire city perpetually.

Despite the Cruise oddities, he and Diaz show why they're such highly coveted stars in the industry. Their onscreen chemistry really comes through, especially in the form of light comedic banter. But these moments are few and far between. The action sequences, however, make the film feel artificial and overly edited, even by Hollywood standards. Knight And Day's overzealous use of CGI makes the film feel painfully longer than its 109 minutes.

With Cruise and Diaz, Knight and Day had the potential to be really entertaining - but it fades midway through. The two stars keep the film afloat, but it's still not enough to overcome the combination of weak storyline and mediocre action sequences.

YP rating: 3/5

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