Watch top Christmas movies from around the world at the HK Christmas Family Screen 2018 festival

Switch off those old Christmas re-runs and check out these seasonal offerings from international cinema, all showing in Hong Kong this December

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If you’re looking for some festive films to watch this Christmas, but have already seen all the classics at least 20 times, you’re in luck. The Leisure and Cultural Services Department’s Film Programmes Office and MCL Cinema are co-hosting the Christmas Family Screen 2018, a series of screenings of six acclaimed films for all ages.

The festival will run from December 15-30, with films shown at locations across the city.

To help you narrow down which to watch, here are our top picks.

The greatest Christmas movies of all time

Santa Swap – Merry Christmas Mr Andersen (2016)

Who doesn’t love a Christmas life-swap movie? This Norwegian comedy focuses on a Christmas-loving carpenter named Anderson, who just so happens to be trying out his new Santa costume on Christmas Eve when he bumps (literally) into the real Santa.

The two decide to swap identities for the night, giving Anderson the chance to fall in love with the winter season all over again. Meanwhile, his children are having a hard time trying to prove that this so-called Santa is actually their dad. Films don’t get more Christmassy than this.

The Legend of Timm Thaler or The Boy Who Sold His Laughter (2017)

This German adventure drama tells the story of a young boy who makes a deal with the devil. Timm doesn’t have a penny to his name, but he has one thing of value: his extraordinary laugh. It’s so contagious that Baron Lefuet, the world’s richest man, wants it for himself; he tricks Timm into exchanging his laugh for the ability to win any bet.

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Without his laugh, though, Timm is a different person. He must embark on a mission to win back his laughter – and learn a thing or two about true happiness along the way.

Belle & Sebastian, Friends for Life (2017)

The final instalment of this French trilogy – which revolves around 12-year-old Sebastian, his trusty dog Belle, and their adventures together in the French Alps – picks up right where the last film, Belle & Sebastian: The Adventure Continues, ended.

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Just after Sebastian refuses to follow his newlywed father to his new life in Canada, he encounters a new threat: Joseph, who claims to be Belle’s rightful owner. His life feels like a series of events conspiring against him, but Sebastian will do all it takes to protect his best friend Belle and her puppies.

Christmas & Co. (2017)

In this French fantasy comedy, all of Santa’s elves have fallen ill, and toy production has ground to an unexpected halt. With Christmas Eve fast approaching, Santa has no choice but to set off in search for a cure for his little helpers. Can he save Christmas in time? With a little bit of faith, anything is possible.