Dr Seuss’ ‘The Grinch’ is a merry Christmas treat starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the grumpy green grouch [Movie Review]

From the same animation studio that brought you the Despicable Me franchise, this Christmas tale is fun for the whole family

Nicola Chan |

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The Grinch is only grumpy on the outside.

Don’t be fooled by the grumpy demeanor of the furry green creature. The Grinch is a delightfully festive, and heartwarming Christmas tale that will melt your heart, no matter its size.  

In the harmonious town of Whoville, everyone is super excited about Christmas, except the Grinch (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch) who has a heart “two sizes too small.” Living a life of solitude with his dog Max in a cave on the top of a mountain, the Grinch plans to go on a mission to steal all the presents and decoration to ruin everyone’s Christmas.

Meanwhile, a little girl Cindy Lou (Cameron Seely) is thinking of ways to ask Santa to fulfil her Christmas wish - to make her overworked mother Donna happy.  

Based on the world-famous Dr Seuss children’s book How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1957), The Grinch is the third screen adaption of the story. Filled with adorable, guileless, and endearing characters, the fantasy comedy is cute, optimistic, but also bittersweet.

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Narrated by the silky smooth voice of American singer-rapper Pharrell Williams, the lyrical verse of the plot is captivating and pleasing to the ears. Moreover, the animated feature is a colourful, and merry spectacle, featuring multiple scenes of vibrant Christmas lights and peaceful communal gatherings.

Despite the predictable plot and a few cliche lines, watching the animation is like being told a sweet and familiar bedtime story as read from a beautiful pop-up book.

Light-hearted, jovial and absolutely Christmassy, The Grinch reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas. It’s a great entertaining experience to enjoy with your family: Simple and easy-to-digest fun for the little ones, but also relaxing and uplifting for the grown-ups.

Edited by Jamie Lam