Paddington bear paws his way into movie-goers' hearts [Review]

By Karly Cox
By Karly Cox |

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For certain generations, Paddington Bear is as classic a character as Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse, so the filmmakers had to be careful when creating his first movie outing. Luckily, they were.

A small bear (a delightful CGI creation voiced by Ben Whishaw) lives with his aunt and uncle in Deepest Peru. They're a civilised bunch, who drink tea, eat marmalade sandwiches and speak the Queen's English. This ought to make Paddington's life easier when he is forced leave his home and head to London.

But the London he comes to is not the polite, well-bred city he'd expected, and finding somewhere to live - and someone to look after him - proves difficult. Not to mention the fact that a crazy scientist is on his tail.

Paddington is an effortless blend of real-life issues, fantasy, humour, slapstick and moving moments. It's also a love letter to London, showing off some of the city's most beautiful buildings.

The best Christmas films leave you feeling warm and tingly; if you want to laugh, reflect, and be grateful for friends and family, Paddington might be your new festive favourite.