Documentary ‘RBG’ is a less Hollywood look at Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life than biopic ‘On the Basis of Sex’, but no less powerful [Movie Review]

Learn more about the “Notorious RBG”, legendary Supreme Court Justice and champion of the women’s movement

Charlotte Ames-Ettridge |

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To say that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a living legend is no overstatement. Today, many people know and love her as the “Notorious RBG”, a modern pop culture icon. But a new documentary chronicling the life and career of the Supreme Court Associate Justice reminds us just how much the legal battles she fought and won in the 1970s have redefined what it means to be a woman in the United States.

RBG charts Ginsburg’s extraordinary journey as the daughter of a Jewish immigrant who became one of just nine women in a class of 500 men at Harvard Law School in the 60s, a champion of women’s movement in the 70s, and the second woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States in the 90s.

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It’s undeniably a tale of triumph in the face of adversity, but audiences may be surprised to find that running alongside that is also a tender love story.

The film depicts the mutual love, respect and admiration shared between Ginsburg and her late husband, Martin Ginsburg, from their days as undergraduates at Cornell to his death from cancer in 2010. Most of all, it depicts Martin Ginsburg’s unwavering support of his wife throughout her career. You haven’t witnessed true love until you’ve seen a sombre 86-year-old judge blush like a schoolgirl at the mention of her “Marty”.

From her impressive collection of judges’ collars to her even more impressive 30-second planks, Ginsburg is the modern-day hero we need and deserve. RBG pays homage to a woman who has devoted her life’s work to the fight for justice and equality. Before the credits even begin to roll, you’ll be itching to pull out your phone and order your “Notorious RGB” mug and T-shirt.