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YP cadet John Cheng
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This year's hit Taiwanese romantic comedy, Love, with its three interlinking stories, features international film star Shu Qi and her Taiwanese compatriot Ethan Juan Ching-tien.

Directed by Doze Niu Chen-zer, Love focuses on the complex, entangled modern relationships of three couples from Beijing and Taipei. It touches on the many different facets of love, including infatuation, infidelity and betrayal.

The most interesting relationship is between the materialistic Fang Jou-yi (Shu Qi) and a wealthy businessman.

But one day the improbable happens: she finds love with poor, stuttering boy-next-door-type Li Hsiao-kuan (Juan).

Their romance proves that, when true love blossoms, class distinction and money are not important. It serves as an optimistic reminder to others that pure love still exists - even in this materialistic, corrupt world.

The quality of acting is outstanding. Although most of the cast are actors and actresses from a new, emerging generation of artists, their performances are convincing and a huge reason for the film's success.

Amber Kuo Cai-jie, who plays Lu Hsiao-ni, a headstrong, teenage girl, vividly expresses the will, passion, yet softness of her character.

Ultimately, Love is a heart-warming film that successfully captures the essence of urban life - and love. It's definitely worth watching.

YP Rating: 4/5

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