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In director Nicholas Jarecki's drama, Arbitrage, Wall Street mogul Robert Miller (Richard Gere) appears to have it all: a loving family, money, good looks. But Miller is facing the dilemma the Notorious BIG complained of: mo' money, mo' problems. He may have amassed a fortune, but he's done so by committing fraud. Now he's willing to do anything to hide a US$400 million loss so he can sell his company.

"Anything" even means trying to avoid prosecution for the death of a woman he was driving when he nodded off at the wheel and crashed the car. To try to hide the truth, he lures 20-something Jimmy (Nate Parker) to his side to help smooth things over.

Gere gives the performance of his life. His Miller is the alpha Wall Street-type that devours all those in his path. Yet he shows a gentler side - albeit with the attitude that money solves all, in his dealings with Jimmy - and even a vulnerable side, in his dealings with his wife.

Arbitrage reveals that there's always someone greedier, more conniving and powerful than you, ready to pounce if given the chance. And that person may be closer to you than you expect.

Contains mature content

YP Rating: 4/5

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