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A remake of the 2008 French film LOL, the Hollywood version follows high school teen Lola (Miley Cyrus) as she goes through the complicated issues of boys, school and her over-protective mum Anne (Demi Moore).

Lola and Kyle (Douglas Booth) have been BFFs for as long as they can remember. After she breaks up with Chad (George Finn) - and this being a film of the shallow MTV teen drama variety - she realises she could be in love with the "least likely" candidate, Kyle. After some misunderstandings, the pair split, only to get back together later. All this time, Anne is going through her own "growing pains". As a single mother, she, too, is looking for a stable relationship and to tame her wild-child daughter.

The parallels between mother and daughter are blatant, their ups and downs juxtaposed to hammer home the connection even more. Spoilt Lola never becomes likeable - we simply don't care about her. In fact, it's Anne and her struggles that draw us most into her life.

LOL you will not. Laughs come few and far between in this straight-to-DVD stinker.

YP Rating: 1/5

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