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YP cadet Doris Lam
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Beyond the Hills is a chilling story set in a Romanian convent with themes of faith, friendship and morality.

Alina (Cristina Flutur) and Voichita (Cosmina Stratan) grew up in an orphanage together and remained best friends as they grew into maturity. Alina went to work in Germany and returns to take her dear friend back with her.

The problem is, Voichita has found peace as a nun with a simple life and is very happy. The convent is run by a stern priest and a Mother Superior. They let Alina stay there, but conflict builds between the priest, who hates the corrupt Western way of life, and Voichita's friend. Tension grows until it affects the stability of the convent and the nearby town.

Alina becomes ill and mentally unstable. Everyone at the convent believes Alina is possessed by the devil, so there is an exorcism - an attempt to drive the devil out. Although Alina is an outcast, the blindness and lack of love in the convent and town are revealed.

The pace is a bit too slow, the ending is too simple and leaves viewers hanging. However, the story does make viewers question what the right thing to do really is.

There are adult themes in the film, for which Young Post has 10 tickets to give away. For a chance to win, e-mail your name, age, school, contact and postal address to [email protected].

YP Rating: 3/5

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