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Vin Diesel's latest film is not only a mega action vehicle, but also a lesson in never giving up.

In the third of the Riddick films, Riddick (Diesel) is stranded on a planet full of dangerous aliens. He's been left there for dead by an enemy, and all he wants to do now is return to his home planet, Furya. But he's going to have to be smart to survive and get off the planet.

When Riddick finds a human camp, he activates a beacon to attract the bounty hunters who are after him. When they arrive, he plans to take over their spaceship and escape. But this will require him to beat the 11-man team that come to capture him. A mental and physical war begins.

It would have been nice to see such a heroic character as Riddick use a wider range of original ways to beat his enemies; in the end, it is his perseverance we admire.

The Imax version is particularly captivating, and the solid acting helps build up a suitably tense atmosphere.

If you love alien action films and aren't squeamish, Riddick is the perfect action blockbuster for you.

Contains scenes of violence

YP Rating: 3/5

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