Frozen is the coolest film this holiday [Review]

By Susan Ramsay
By Susan Ramsay |

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Sometimes you just want to chill, and the best movie to do that to this season is Frozen. Disney's latest musical is beautifully animated, with songs you'll be humming for years.

Elsa and her younger sister love to play together in the palace. But Elsa has a secret. She is able to conjure winter with a mere flick of her hand. When her gift injures her younger sister Anna, Elsa is hidden away and the two are doomed to a separate existence.

Elsa is heir to the throne, and when it's her time to be crowned, there is a huge party. She comes out of seclusion, but is terrified that everything she touches will turn to ice, so she wears gloves.

Anna, meanwhile, is having, well, a ball. For the first time in her life she can go outside the castle. She meets a prince and, within an hour or two, decides to marry him. The news shocks Elsa, who loses her temper and sends the kingdom into an icy winter, then flees so she can't hurt anyone.

But the winter is harming everyone, so Anna sets off to find her sister and bring her home.

The movie is funny, endearing and heart-wrenching - everything you'd expect from Disney. Pack tissues if you're soft-hearted.