NO SPOILERS: 40 thoughts you have watching the Stranger Things S02E01

Stranger Things season two premieres tomorrow, but Young Post was lucky and got a preview (heh heh heh) so here's what we think ... literally


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You too will sometimes feel bewildered like Max as you're watching the first episode.

1. Ooh, retro car in big city.

2. Creepy masks, dudes.

3. Ok, more swear words.

4. ….aannd then there were two.

5. The credits are back, but this time, they’ve got a “2” in it.

6. Wonder who these new names are playing….

7. Another relic of the 80’s, Mad Max.

8. Kids, wash your mouths with soap!

9. The bikes are back!

10. Geeking out over arcade games; a very 80’s thing to do.

11. Gross cheese puff eating dude wants date with Finn’s sister; stop punching above your weight, will you?

12. Floating dust mites: check, blue-ish cast: check, eerie chill: check; yup, it’s the Upside-Down.

13. I’m getting Groundhog Day vibes off of this conspiracy theory nerd.

14. I can’t look at David Harbour the same way now that I know he’s been cast as the new Hellboy.

15. The two disrespectful wastoids in the police department are back.

16. Nerd isn’t just hot air.

17. “Full-on Russian invasion right here in Hawkins.” Ok, he’s just hot air.

18. “You’re welcome.” Such a salty secretary.

19. Ugh, when will Nancy dump this Steve guy for the “sensitive Romantic” loser Jonathan?

20. Hah, college essays.

21. Car with California plates and driver rocking out to the Scorpions. We got a badass over here.

22. Begone, mullet of no style!

23. New girl looks like she’s gonna walk all over the boys.

24. Winona Ryder’s new beau looks like he escorted his best friend into the fires of Mount Doom and back.

25. Ok, those pumpkins aren’t looking so hot.

26. Uh, protip, staring intently at the new girl doesn’t make her like you guys more.

All gifs via GIPHY

27. Seems like someone has PTSD, but going back to the research site somehow seems like it won’t help.

28. Old dudes who’re obsessed with unlocking the secrets of the Upside-Down smell like trouble.

29. Like the simmering tensions between Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Jim (David Harbour).

30. That awkward wave. #same

31. Guys…what did I tell you about spying on girls with binoculars…

32. #justiceforbarb *sob*

33. On the plus side, that chicken does look finger-lickin’ good.

34. The fact Mike (Finn Wolfhard) waits for Eleven’s voice on his walkie talkie, sweet.

35. Yeah, preach it! Kenny Rogers is for squares (although Islands in the Stream is pretty good)!

36. Mr Mom sounds like a horrendously vanilla movie.

37. Yeah…having a vision of the Upside-Down while looking like a member of The Monkees isn’t distracting at all….

38. No more bachelor trailer for the sheriff!

39. All manly lumberjack cabin in the woods.

40. And finally, the person we’ve all be waiting a year to see. Still a big fan of Eggo’s.