Warcraft film is a bit of a let down [Review]

Too shallow for diehard fans, not captivating enough for everyone else

Wong Tsui-kai |

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As origin stories go, Warcraft doesn’t suck. Considering the track record for movies that have been adapted from video games, one that has some positives is a win.

The movie is set during the very early stages of the Warcraft universe. The plot is about the conflict between orcs and humans. Orcs invade the human world with dark magic after leaving behind their old, dead world (which was destroyed by dark magic of course).

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the storyline deviates from the game slightly (not drastically enough to warrant any outrage) there still aren’t many surprises. The plot is predictable, and there isn’t really anything new in the film.

The acting was believable, although nobody stood out.

The CGI is the stand out, and is truly marvellous. But that’s what you would expect with game developer Blizzard behind a movie.

There are a few chuckle worthy moments, and fans will appreciate the nod to their beloved characters.

But as a whole, the film is distinctly average. It’s too shallow to keep diehard fans happy, and it’s not captivating enough for everyone else. Even if you are a fan of Warcraft, you will neither be disappointed nor excited by it. If you still really want to see it, get the DVD and hope for some longer outtakes.