Take Me to the Moon is a sweet nod to the 90s [Review]

Nicola Chan |

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Tying together time travel and romance, Take Me to the Moon is an inspiring story that motivates you to chase after your dreams.

Wang Zheng-xiang (Jasper Liu) reunites with members of his high school band at the funeral of the vocalist, Li En-pei (Vivian Sung).

The six members believe En-pei would have become a massive star if it weren’t for her tragic fate.

But Zheng-xiang can’t help but wonder if En-pei would have died had she not auditioned for record label and been signed.

The morning after the funeral, Zheng-xiang wakes up and finds himself transported back to 1997, just before En-pei headed to the audition. Knowing the outcome, Zheng-xiang hopes to change En-pei’s fate by discouraging her from pursuing her dreams.

Although the acting feels a bit stiff at times, Sung succeeded in bringing out her character’s tenacious and fiery spirit, while giving a fine performance as both a singer and dancer.

The movie also makes a few references to Chang Yu-sheng, an beloved late Taiwanese singer, by featuring some of his songs that resonate with the story theme – a lovely gesture to commemorate his 20th death anniversary.

Suitable for both teens and adults, Take Me to the Moon is a good movie option for the weekend if you don’t mind a few cheesy lines.

Edited by Nicole Moraleda