I love you, bro: Best bromance movies that celebrate the joy of having a bro you can count on

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Harry Potter and Ron, Captain America and the Winter Soldier, and more; these are the greatest bromances of all time

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We love it when films celebrate male friendships. After all, there’s nothing like having your closest pal there to help you in times of need. Here are some of our favourite movie bromances.

Almost anyone you ask has heard of the Harry Potter franchise. Part of what makes these films so magical is the is the friendship between Harry and Ron. From the moment they meet, this duo’s relationship has all the makings of a classic bromance . They have each others’ backs no matter the circumstances, or the trials headed their way. Their bond helps carry them through their teen years and all the way to adulthood.

Sophia Lawrance, 15, Renaissance College

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) is an MCU classic. After the events of the previous movies, super soldier and war hero Steve Rogers finds himself lost in an unfamiliar world, unable to let go of his past. The movie depicts his struggle to find someone who can truly empathise with him. His wish is fulfilled when he crashes head-first into the film’s antagonist: the Winter Soldier himself, who turns out to be none other than Steve’s long lost pal Bucky Barnes, now brainwashed into a killing machine. Unwilling to lose his friend again, Steve decided to do whatever it takes to help Bucky regain his memory, even if it means turning against the rest of the world.

Andrea Lo, 15, Renaissance College

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Toy Story (1995) is nothing short of iconic. In the bedroom of a boy named Andy, two toys – Woody, an old-fashioned cowboy doll, and Buzz Lightyear, a shiny new action figure – find themselves competing to be Andy’s favourite toy. While they begin as enemies, Woody and Buzz become unlikely friends after realising that they must work together to escape the clutches of Andy’s mean neighbour Sid and reunite with Andy. This bromance was so popular that it spawned three sequels!

Cheryl Lai, 15, Renaissance College

Monsters University (2013) takes viewers back in time to find out how Mike and Sulley, our favourite monster BFFs from the original Pixar classic Monsters, Inc. (2003), first met. As fresh undergraduates enrolled on Monster University’s elite Scare programme, Mike and Sulley are fierce rivals. In fact, their constant competing leads to them being suspended from the course. As they reluctantly join forces to undo the damage, friendship begins to blossom between the pair. Definitely worth watching if you want a big helping of nostalgia, or just to have a laugh with your own best bro!

Jenna Chan, 15, Renaissance College

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A sci-fi classic, The Matrix (1999) imagines a future where humans live in an entirely computer-simulated world. But while their world may be artificial, the friendship between main protagonist Neo and his mentor Morpheous is heart-warmingly real. Morpheous guides Neo through the dangers of living in the real world, and both characters must overcome extreme dangers to save not only themselves, but the entire human race. Viewers may come for the epic fight scenes and stunning visual effects, but they stay for friendship.

Ariana Jones, 15, Renaissance College