‘The Knight Before Christmas’ review: Vanessa Hudgen’s Netflix romcom is cheesy but charming holiday fun


The 'High School Musical' alum is back on the streaming service just in time for the holidays, following the success of last year's 'The Princess Switch'

Veronica Lin |

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Following last year’s The Princess Switch, Instagram queen and High School Musical alum Vanessa Hudgens has officially joined Team Netflix as a holiday season regular, in another Christmas romantic comedy, The Knight Before Christmas.

Hudgens plays Brooke, a science teacher (it’s like she’s the adult Gabriella Montez!) who meets Cole (Josh Whitehorse – though he rides in on a black horse ...), a 14th-century knight who has time-travelled to the present day. Her natural charisma and ever-so-photogenic features as well as the likableness of her co-star are the glue that holds this otherwise cheesy and slightly over-the-top film together.

The set, however, is unimpeachable. Shot on location at an Irish castle, the knight’s Middle Ages fort is absolutely breathtaking. The film would’ve benefited from more time in the 14th century, or, better yet, if Cole had brought Brooke back in time with him.

The plot, as one would expect from a Christmas romcom, is quite predictable. In other words, there are no plot twists or any sort of suspense whatsoever. However, if you’re looking for a feel-good movie and something original to watch this Christmas, this is perfect.