Oscar 2018: who we'd want to see as winners

Team YP

We’re all eager to see which of the nominees will take home the final gold statue. Here are the 2017 films that the YP team deem worthy of the esteemed award

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The Greatest Showman is possibly the greatest show of the year.

The long-awaited Oscars ceremony is finally near! Soon, we’ll know who has been crowned the best in Hollywood. But we at YP don’t necessarily think the nominations were particularly the best of the year. Here are the films of 2017 that we think deserve to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

I’m gonna say The Post, and not just because I work in the same industry or because it’s the only film, apart from Get Out, that I’ve watched out of the nominees. I love Tom Hanks, and I think he does a tremendous job portraying someone who believes utterly in freedom of the press. Meryl Streep holds her own, too, and her character’s progression from a very overwhelmed woman to one who takes charge, is truly inspiring.

There’s also a lot to love visually – the clothes, the spaces, the hair – all very 70s without screaming it in your face.

Ginny Wong, Sub-editor

I didn’t see that many films last year. But I feel strongly about this. Last year, a film claiming to be a movie musical almost won Best Picture. This year, I’d have liked to have see an actual movie musical win.

The Greatest Showman is a beautiful story, featuring a star-studded cast as spectacular as its production design. It is moving and uplifting, and its breakout hit This Is Me (which is nominated for Best Original Song, by the by) carries a message our world so desperately needs to hear right now: our differences shouldn’t cause hate, discrimination, or abuse.

Heidi Yeung , Web editor

I think Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri deserves to win Best Picture this year.

It has several powerful messages effortlessly woven into the story, and a group of interesting characters played by an incredible cast.

Beyond all the violence and foul language, the film is actually quite tender and surprisingly funny!

Nicole Moraleda, Sub-editor

Although foreign language films have their own category, I would say that the Korean action and drama film A Taxi Driver would be my pick for this year’s Best Picture.

Based on a true story, the film follows a taxi driver from Seoul named Kim, as he drives a German reporter unknowingly into the scene of a brutal military crackdown against student protesters during the 1980 Gwangju Uprising.

The film is packed full of drama and suspense, and it isn’t predictable like many other blockbuster films. I also found Kim’s cynical character a good source of humour to break up the tension.

Joshua Lee, Reporter

I pick Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, too! I’ve yet to watch all the nominated films, but out of the five I’ve seen, I can say Three Billboards has all the elements necessary for a Best Picture winner.

With a perfectly well-knit and unpredictable plot, the farcical crime drama raises important questions about justice. And even though all the characters are flawed in some way, they are each portrayed in a way that makes you empathise with, rather than judge, them.

The cast is also, as Nicole mentioned, absolutely stunning. I’m also betting Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell will be crowned best actress and best supporting actor!

Nicola Chan, Reporter

My pick for the Best Picture of this last year would be Bladerunner 2049. I have always been a Harrison Ford fan; and more than that, I have a particular fondess for this film. I wrote my final paper for my film studies course on the cinematography in the original 1982 Bladerunner.

Even though the new version is not as good, the CGI and cinematography in the revamp are superb, with the style of cinematography perfectly mimicking the vibe of the first.

I watched it in Imax, and let me tell you: that big blue lady near the end and all the landscape shots were amazing.

Alejo Rodriguez Lo, Video producer

I’m going to go with The Greatest Showman. Even if some liberties are taken with the facts, the musical numbers are spectacular and the film is just fun to watch in general.

It also appears that Hugh Jackman doesn’t age, just like his character Logan in Wolverine. That alone should win him an Oscar right there.

Jamie Lam, Sub-editor

In keeping with personal tradition, I have tried my hardest not to watch any of the Oscar Best Picture nominees this year. However, Baby Driver was unexpectedly good and I think deserving of a nomination.

Its tightly choreographed fight scenes and better-than-Guardians-of-the-Galaxy’s soundtrack has been more than enough to propel it, engines roaring and guns blazing, into my Best Picture snubs list.

Edmund Ho, Reporter

There have been so many films I’ve loved this past year (and a bunch more I still plan to get around to watching), but I’m gonna be loyal to Pixar and go with Coco, just because of how much it made me ugly-cry both times I watched it.

Also, Miguel’s dimpled, gap-toothed smile has got to be the cutest thing ever animated; I’d give them the award for that alone.

Charlotte Ames-Ettridge, Sub-editor

Edited by Nicole Moraleda