Aamir Khan's Secret Superstar is another Bollywood crowd-pleaser that explores the sacred mother-daughter bond [Review]


An Indian teen chases her dream of becoming a singer with the help of a playful music director

Nicola Chan |

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Zaira Wasim captivates as an aspiring singer in Secret Superstar.

Aamir Khan and Zaira Wasim, recently seen together in Bollywood blockbuster Dangal (2017), return to the big screen for the hilarious but heart-warming musical drama Secret Superstar. The two again impress with their extraordinary acting, and will make you laugh and cry.

The story revolves around Insia Malik (Wasim), a teen who dreams of being a singer. She is desperate to take part in a school singing contest, a request which her haughty father is likely to refuse.

To soften her disappointment, Insia’s mother Najma (Meher Vij) buys her a laptop, which is what the competition winner would receive. Insia begins to secretly chase her dream by singing on YouTube while hiding under a niqab. She attracts the attention of music mogul Shakti Kumar (Khan), who invites her to Mumbai to record a song.

Secret Superstar explores the relationship between the timid, loving Najma and ambitious Insia. The two actors’ incredible performances make the story utterly relatable, as they bring alive the conflict, tension and strong bond between mother and child.

Another attraction is of course Khan, who fills the cinema with laughter every time he appears.

Even without the complex dance numbers seen in most Bollywood musicals, the ability of every actor to make strong emotions look natural will keep you hooked.

Edited by Pete Spurrier