60 things you may not know about Carrie Fisher - actress of Princess Leia, feminist, author, role model and more

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Carrie Fisher with her dog Gary at the book signing for The Princess Diarist in Los Angeles earlier this year.

This year have taken so many great people from us, and while each was heartbreaking, this is one that can be felt throughout the galaxy. Actress Carrie Fisher died on Tuesday, December 27, 2016 at 60 years old.

Fisher, who often took to the red carpet and appears on chat shows with her beloved dog Gary, was more than just one iconic character. Here are some facts you may not have known about the legend that is Carrie Fisher.


  1. She was born on October 21, 1956 in Beverly Hills, California

  2. Her star sign is Libra 

  3. Her middle name is Frances

  4. She has published several books, the most famous of which are Wishful Drinking, and Postcards from the Edge.

  5. Postcards From the Edge even make the best seller's list

  6. Postcards from the Edge is also semi-autobiographical and has a screenplay adaptation of the same title

  7. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 24, though she didn't come to terms with the fact until several years later.

  8. She calls her two opposite bipolar states of mind “rollicking Roy” and “sediment Pam”. Roy is "the wild ride", while Pam is the one who "stands on the shore and sobs".

  9. She openly admitted to her drug use and said it made her feel "normal", and helped her control her extreme moodswings

  10. She was doing cocaine during the filming of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

  11. She nearly died of overdose in 1985

  12. Her father, Eddie Fisher, was a singer

  13. Her mother, Debbie Reynolds, was an actress.

  14. She was known as the bookworm of her family

  15. She never graduated from high school

  16. "George Lucas ruined my life ... he provided us with enough fan mail and even a small merry band of stalkers, keeping us entertained for the rest of our unnatural lives. You (Lucas) owned my likeness all these years so that every time I look in the mirror I have to send you a cheque," she once said at an awards ceremony. But she concluded it with: "I'm only slightly bitter because you, my formerly silent friend are an extraordinary talent. The like of which is seen perhaps once in a generation; who helps define that generation, and who deserves every award I now spend the latter half of my Leia-laden life helping to hurl your way."

  17. She didn’t like the cinnamon-bun hairstyle she wore in Star Wars

  18. She was one of Hollywood’s top script doctors. Meaning she edited and polished a lot of movie scripts, including Mr and Mrs Smith, Lethal Weapon 3, Sister Act, and Outbreak. She doctored scripts for approximately 15 years, though most of it went uncredited

  19. She is of Russian-Jewish heritage on her father’s side

  20. And Scotish-Irish heritage on her mother’s side

  21. She has common ancestry with Mark Hamill (who played Luke Skywalker), being of Swedish and Jewish ancestry. (Geez, maybe they ARE twins??)

  22. She was only officially married once, to musician Paul Simon (1983-1984), though she calls Hollywood talent agent Bryan Lourd her second husband

  23. Fisher and Simon dated again for a while after their divorce

  24. She has one daughter, Billie Lourd, with Bryan Lourd

  25. Bryan Lourd, who was gay, left Carrie for a man

  26. The song Hearts and Bones by Paul Simon was inspired by her

  27. Dan Akroyd saved her life and she was going to marry him in return (she was choking on Brussels sprouts)

  28. She was engaged to Canadian actor and comedian Dan Akroyd briefly in 1979

  29. She had a three-month affair with the then-married Harrison Ford (who played Han Solo), and said she’ll always have feelings for him

  30. George Lucas hired her to help polish his scripts for the TV series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and for the Star Wars prequels

  31. In 2005, she received the Women of Vision Award from Women in Film & Video - DC

  32. She wrote the one-woman play Wishful Drinking, which reflects upon her life of stardom, mental illness, addiction and all

  33. Her audiobook recording of Wishful Drinking earned a Grammy Award nomination in 2009 for the Best Spoken Word Album category

  34. She’s the co-writer and co-executive producer in the TV comedy film These Old Broads

  35. Her first experience on stage was in the Broadway musical Irene, at the age of 15

  36. Her brother is producer and actor Todd Fisher

  37. She has two half sisters who are also actresses: Joely Fisher and Tricia Leigh Fisher

  38. Her step-mother, Connie Stevens, is a singer and actress

  39. Her parents divorced when she was only two years old

  40. Her mother remarried to chainstore owner Henry Karl

  41. She describes herself as an “enthusiastic agonistic who would be happy to be shown there was a god.”

  42. Fisher voices Peter Griffin’s boss in Family Guy

  43. She was developing a sequel to her play 'Wishful Drinking' - titled 'Wishful Drinking Strikes Back: From Star Wars to, uh, Star Wars!' - but she died a couple days right after the deal was struck with the Geffen Playhouse.

  44. She tweeted in emoji

  45. She hated the costumes she had to wear for Star Wars, especially the gold slave bikini, because it was so revealing. "'I told George [Lucas], 'You have the rights to my face ... you do not have the rights to my lagoon of mystery." 

  46. There is a drug  - a hybrid strain of marijuana - named after her called Princess Leia

  47. She beat the likes of Meryl Streep and Farrah Fawcett for the role of Princess Leia 

  48. George Lucas told her that there was no underwear in space because you expand in space, and if you did wear underwear you would be strangled by your bra

  49. So she had to tape down her breasts for Star Wars

  50. She then said that if she were to die, she wanted it to be reported that she was “drowned in the moonlight, strangled by [her] own bra”

  51. She didn't think she was a good actress because of her half British, half American accent

  52. She didn't think she played Princess Leia very well

  53. She didn't always have a stunt double for Star Wars. She and Mark Hamill filmed swinging across the chasm in the first movie together in one shot

  54. Her role of Princess Leia was heavily advertised to attract female viewers because the producers were worried only geeky boys would watch Star Wars

  55. She was nearly cut from the script because Lucas wanted to turn Luke Skywalker into a girl

  56. Her favourite scenes were the ones where Princess Leia argues with Han Solo

  57. She stood on a box during scenes with Harrison Ford because she was a foot shorter than him and didn't fit in the frame

  58. Princess Leia is the first character to speak in the book version of Star Wars

  59. In the third film in the horror series, Scream, she played someone being mistaken for Carrie Fisher

  60. She was a kickass heroine in the roles she played and in real life. Oh wait, you knew that

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