'Blackpink: Light Up The Sky' is an emotional Netflix documentary that shows the hard work and sacrifice of K-pop

Bridget Lam
  • The film tells us more about the childhoods of Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa and shows how they got into the industry
  • It also allows viewers to see the more emotional, human side of the band
Bridget Lam |

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Blackpink: Light Up The Sky is a Netflix Original documentary that delves into the story behind K-pop girl group sensation Blackpink. It was released on 14 October 2020, shortly after Blackpink released their first full album, The Album.

The documentary follows the journeys of the four Blackpink members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa. In addition to telling us more about the group, the film also discusses the member’s childhoods, including how they became K-pop trainees. There are also snippets of the member’s daily lives and conversations, and appearances from other industry players, such as Teddy Park, Blackpink’s producer and composer.

Light Up The Sky highlights the hardships of becoming the success that Blackpink is today. The documentary reveals that the members of Blackpink have had to overcome many challenges and sacrifices whilst they were trainees before they debuted, such as having to live in a foreign country without their families and missing out on the typical secondary school experience. 

On stage, Blackpink is portrayed in a very powerful, almost perfect light. Light Up The Sky gives viewers a glimpse of what being a Blackpink member is really like, both on and off stage. It allows viewers to see the bare, human side of the four members of the group.

Take a look into the real lives of Blackpink

The film proves that Blackpink is not just about looks. The members are very talented and they had to work their way up to get to where they are now.  It also shows that success does not come easily, a lesson which applies to pretty much every single person who has had to work hard to become successful or well known, including other K-pop acts. 

This documentary was tremendously inspiring and a bit emotional, and it’s worth watching for fans and non-fans alike.