5 things we learned from the first ‘Shang-chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings’ trailer

  • The upcoming movie starring Simu Liu features Marvel’s first Asian superhero
  • We’ll leave the Easter eggs and revelations as to how this fits into the MCU for another time
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We'll be doin’ some learnin’ too, Simu ... Photo: Jon Delouz

The first trailer for Marvel’s upcoming Shang-chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings was released on Monday, with the very exciting news of a September release date.

Here are five more things we learned from the trailer.

Not just a pair of fists

Comic book fans may know of Shang-chi’s incredible martial arts skills, so the fight scenes, while amazing, weren’t exactly a surprise. He’s also known for being very in tune with the chi contained within living things.


But that doesn’t mean we were necessarily expecting his Avatar-worthy water-bending skills. (It’s also a good indicator of the standards we can expect when it comes to the CGI!)

Covid couch potatoing did not happen

While a lot of people have put fitness on the back burner because of Covid lockdowns (PE online just isn’t the same), Liu clearly has been working out on the regular.


Maybe this is the motivation we need to get moving again.

Disney duets are the ultimate karaoke tune, even for superheroes

In a scene with his friend Katy (Crazy Rich Asian’s Awkwafina), Shang-chi is singing karaoke. Song of choice? Aladdin’s A Whole New World.


And yes, it foreshadows how life is about to change A LOT for the pair, but ultimately, it’s a reminder, as the world starts to reopen, of how much fun it is to belt out a Disney ballad.

Tony Leung doesn’t age

This is Leung in the 2008 movie Red Cliff ... he seriously doesn’t look 13 years older.Hong Kong screen legend Tony Leung Chiu-wai was one of the biggest stars of the 1980s and 90s. He was a TVB actor for nearly a decade, then went on to feature in some of the city’s most internationally renowned movies, including Wong Kar-wai’s In The Mood for Love, the Oscar-nominated Hero, and the critically acclaimed police drama Infernal Affairs.


In 2019, he was cast as The Mandarin, the mastermind behind the terrorist group, The Ten Rings. And presumably is also being headhunted by skincare brands eager to sell his secret to looking the same since he started acting.

Simu Liu is an Aries

OK, the video doesn’t exactly tell us that, but the first trailer for Shang-chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings was released as a birthday surprise for the star.

We’d like to

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