Worthy return of 80s rockers

James Whittle
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Best known for their 1986 song (and identically named album) The Final Countdown, Swedish rock band Europe has just released its eighth studio album, Last Look At Eden.

The record opens with Prelude, a quiet orchestral intro that crescendos into the title track. The Last Look At Eden has is a loud piece that seems to envelope you in the first few seconds with an amazing strings section reminiscent of Led Zeppelin classic Kashmir.

No Stone Unturned is another sweeping rock number featuring an incredible synth solo immediately followed by an equally amazing short guitar solo. The stadium-shaker seems like a nod to their career-defining song.

'It feels like we have finally made a record that has those special ingredients - classic Europe melodies with guitar and keyboard riffs that will grow and stay with you. With experience, hopefully, some of the lyrics will reflect what's going on in our world - perhaps this time with a touch of humour and irony,' says lead vocalist Joey Tempest. 'After all, it's only rock 'n' roll.'

Overall this is a solid, almost exceptional album - particularly impressive considering Europe has long been.

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