The ultimate K-pop summer playlist

Eunice Yip

We've got the definitive list of K-pop tracks to keep you bopping until the end of the season

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There’s nothing like an upbeat, danceable K-pop tune to get you in a holiday partying mood. These catchy tracks will keep you smiling, even when the end of the holiday is on the horizon.

Sistar – Loving U (2012)

Loving U was one of the first songs that helped Sistar make their name as K-pop summer queens. With strong beats and fresh lyrics, Loving U quickly won K-Pop fans’ hearts.

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Red Velvet – Red Flavour (2017)

Red Velvet is famous for being experimental, but Red Flavour is a “typical summer hit” that still did extremely well. It was originally written for British girl group Little Mix.

Tamar Herman of Billboard magazine noted the song was “sure to be one of the summer’s K-pop earworms” last year. It was.

Winner – Really Really (2017)

If they weren’t listening to Red Flavour everywhere they went last summer, die-hard K-pop fans were falling in love with Winner’s Really Really.

This relaxed house track was released after the band had announced a hiatus in November 2016. The track’s release meant a lot of fans loudly exhaled with relief.

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DAY6 – I’m Serious (2017)

I’m Serious is the title of DAY6’s 2017 Project, Every Day6, where they released two songs each month. In April last year, they decided to celebrate summer early with this track.

The song is playful and cheery, and with the accompanying music video set around the sea and greenery, you can definitely feel the summery vibes.

Eric Nam – Can’t Help Myself (Featuring Loco) (2016)

The Korean American’s voice is always soothing; just when you thought listening to his music couldn’t be any more relaxing, this refreshing song comes along, like the cool breeze you need.

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K.A.R.D. – Hola Hola (2017)

Everyone was shook when this co-ed group released their first single, Oh Nana.

Apart from the fact that they are a mixed group – which is rarely seen in the K-Pop industry – their music style really sets them apart from other groups. This tropical-house-inspired track is great when you’re hanging by the beach with your crew.

Playback – Want You To Say (2017)

Playback released this song in October, but it’s so vibrant and rhythmic that it really feels tailor-made for the hottest time of year. Our favourite part? Where member Ha-young starts rapping.

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Golden Child – DamDaDi (2017)

These 10 guys have a reputation for being bright and youthful, and the energetic vibes of this track are the perfect example of that.

The video, featuring summery scenes of the guys living their best life and fun dance moves, is yet another reason you need this on your summer playlist.

Girls’ Generation – Party (2015)

One of the best known groups globally, of course Girls’ Generation would have a song worthy of inclusion on this list! Teen Vogue writer Casey Lewis called the infectious Party a “perfect-for-summer synth-pop anthem”. Yup.

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Hyuna – Bubble Pop! (2011)

Many people K-pop fans had Hyuna’s Bubble Pop! on loop in the summer of 2011. In fact, the Bubble Pop! music video became the first female soloist K-pop song to reach 100 million views!

(G)I-DLE – Latata (2018)

Another tropical house track! (G)I-DLE recently debuted with Latata and grabbed the top spot on singles chart, proving they are ones to watch.

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2 NE1 – Fallin’ In Love (2013)

This was MTV Iggy’s 2013 Song of the Summer, and it feels like it was written to a very exact, and precise formula for Perfect Summer Track. With reggae-inspired melody and beats, and video featuring the quartet dancing on the beach, it’s hard to imagine anything more suited to the season.

B 1A4 – Solo Day (2014)

This dance-pop tune starts with a whistled intro that immediately conjures up a seaside vacation. To add to its appeal, the song was written by two of the band’s members, Baro, and Jin-young, who was described by Korea Times’ Kim Da-hee as “exceptional talent in songwriting, producing and dancing”.

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Jay Park – Me Like Yuh (2016)

You might have trouble deciding whether the English or the Korean version is better, but there’s no denying the beat drop in the chorus gets your feet moving every single time. It’s a tough call, but this might be Jay Park’s catchiest song ever.

Zico – Boys and Girls (Feat. Babylon) (2015)

Zico gifted us this light, feel-good summer song in 2015, and with the bright, witty rap and Babylon’s youthful voice, it instantly takes you to a good place. Alongside B1A4’s Jin-young, Big Bang’s G-Dragon, and the late Jong-hyun from Shinee, Zico is often referred to as one of K-pop’s top male performers. This song reminds us why he made the cut.

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