'New Kids: Continue' by iKon is underbaked, but worth a listen [Review]

Chris Gillett |

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It’s only been six months since they released their second full-length album, Return, but K-pop seven-piece iKon are back with a 17-minute mini-album, New Kids: Continue.

The boyband mix things up here. Freedom has a pop-punk feel, with scuzzy guitars and megaphone vocals, “You don’t understand!” clearly vying for that 5 Seconds Of Summer sound, while closer Just For You has all the ingredients of a classic Canto-pop ballad.

Only You is quite adventurous in comparison, switching between reggae-funk verses and synth-wave pre-choruses, even if the melody of the chorus feels a little basic.

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Cocktail adds a splash of summer, with playful chants and singalong moments, showing iKon at their most concise over shaking maracas, and warbling guitar.

The only snag is that, despite the wild genre shifts from song to song, the group follows a pretty standard pop formula, with almost every song bringing in a predictable rap in the second verse, restricting them from really venturing into unknown territory.

In a nutshell, New Kids: Continue is a mixed bag, with mixed results.