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Sunny Tse
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By Sunny Tse

Given the instant lovability and addictiveness of Lady Gaga's phenomenal debut The Fame, her eight-song disc The Monster Fame isn't nearly enough to satisfy fans' appetites.

To make it more of a deal and (primarily) to keep the former hits afloat, the new record comes packaged with the debut, allowing fans to compare how Gaga has changed.

While The Fame talks about the glamour of being rich and famous, the new effort explores the darker side of celebrity. Inspired by the confusion and negativity the singer experienced as the most sough-after acts of the year, the record consists of mainly dance numbers with a rockier, darker edge, and the occasional goth vibe.

Lead single Bad Romance is a contagious, Depeche Mode-esque number that will play on loop in your head, just like Poker Face.

Other highlights include bubbly Alejandro, the slightly freaky Teeth and Telephone, the brilliant collaboration with Beyonce, a song about obsessive boyfriends and girls who just want to have fun.

Amid the dance beats is rock ballad Speechless which features the singer on piano talking about her fear of losing her father.

The Fame Monster isn't much of a leap for Gaga, but it's an intimate look at the eccentric, avant garde star, and 35 minutes of great tunes.

YP rating: 3/5

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