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Alvin Yuen, YP intern
Alvin Yuen, YP intern |

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By Alvin Yuen

Allison Iraheta, who reached the top four on the last season of American Idol, has released her debut album Just Like You. The 13 punk rock and pop tracks are enjoyable, although Iraheta doesn't really bring anything new to the genre.

What's most enjoyable about this album is variety of tempos. The 17-year-old moves from the disco beats of Robot Love to the slow rock title song without any awkwardness.

You Don't Know Me and Beat Me Up are dance songs with a strong bass line that should appeal to anyone who likes to hear a good beat.

The album definitely requires more than one listen. On the first run-through, it's hard to identify stand-out tracks, but on a second playing, songs become catchy and memorable.

There are some great numbers here. The bittersweet, nostalgic Scars opens with a lovely acoustic guitar part and has a very clean melody, with drums not coming in until the second verse.

Don't Waste the Pretty is an uplifting track that starts with a simple beat, and a catchy riff that rises both physically and emotionally to an upbeat, almost gospel tinged conclusion.

Punk rock and pop music fans will find this album quite entertaining. If you enjoyed Iraheta on Idol, you will find plenty to enjoy here, but if you're a hardcore punk rock fan, don't expect to be overwhelmed.

YP rating: 3/5

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