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By YP intern Alvin Yuen

Secret Garden's Inside I'm Singing features 13 songs from the acclaimed popular Irish-Norwegian pair and their special guests. Famed for their instrumental work, the pair has collaborated with singers to produce an album of primarily vocal tracks.

The addition of vocals has not diminished the music's calming, almost magical effect: the songs sound like something from a fairy tale.

Anne Takle's vocals in Nocturne are hypnotically spellbinding - almost like a lullaby. The song won the 1995 Eurovision Contest and features on the duo's first international release, Songs from a Secret Garden.

The elegant vocals on Thank You will tug at your heart strings and Peter Joback's incredibly emotive voice highlights the integrity of the lyrics. The eerie instrumental Theme from the Mermaid Chair has a hauntingly graceful melody. The lack of vocal accompaniment helps to create a sensation of desolation.

This album has its fair share of love songs, and Did I Not Love You, with vocals by Peter Corry is outstanding.

Modern music lovers may not appreciate the lack of bass or rhythm. But if you are a fan of melody and impassioned vocals, you're sure to enjoy this album.

YP rating: 3/5

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