[Review] Country gets some bubble gum

By Jocelyn Wong
By Jocelyn Wong |

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Named aptly after her signature tresses, Platinum is the fifth studio album from reigning country queen Miranda Lambert. Her previous work dealt with her identity, past relationships and place in country music. But this new album is a mature departure.

Now Lambert presents more rock-inspired guitar riffs and even throws some heavy synths into her music.

With tongue-in-cheek lyrics like, "What doesn't kill you makes you blonder" and "It's a difficult thing being queen of the king", the album is filled with great one-liners that just roll off the tongue.

There are tender moments too, like Holding Onto You or Automatic, where she reminisces about a time where you had to do, "everything by hand".

Of all the cool collaborations on the album, the duet with fellow country diva Carrie Underwood takes the cake. The singers veer from their country roots right into a foot-stomping rock anthem with Somethin' Bad. The tune opens with rapid fire a cappella that streamlines into heart-pumping percussion.

Platinum is slowly edging Lambert into mainstream music. Her pop-infused country tunes look set to conquer the airwaves.