9 best songs to put on your summer 2019 Spotify playlist

Jacqueline Wong (JR)

Chill out during the dog days of summer with hits from Ed Sheeran, Khalid, the Jonas Brothers and more.

Jacqueline Wong (JR) |

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Chill out to 'Cool' by the Jonas Brothers this summer.

There’s little that’s better than putting a catchy playlist on blast during the summer, whether that’s for MTR journeys, lazy days on the beach, or just when you’re hanging out with friends. Here are nine of the most uplifting bangers that we think deserve a spot on your summer playlist. 

Beautiful People by Ed Sheeran and Khalid (2019)

Tell us a better duo than English singer Ed Sheeran and US singer Khalid? Their 2019 single is all about seeing beauty in the ordinary – in a way that gets you up on your feet and grooving along to its funky rhythm. 

Joy by Bastille (2019)

This 2019 release by the British band most famously known for hit song Pompeii, is a true anthem to summer. As the title suggests, this song will keep you smiling and jamming all through your class-free days.

Cool by the Jonas Brothers (2019)

They disbanded in 2013, but the Jonas Brothers are back and fans are, naturally, delighted. Their recently-released hit Cool will leave you feeling cool (ha!), confident, and bold when you hit the beaches. 

Familiar by Liam Payne, J Balvin (2018)

One Direction’s Liam Payne hasn’t released his first album yet (we’re waiting, Liam!), but he has released six singles. His fifth single, Familiar, was released in 2018. Columbian singer J. Balvin joins Liam in this Latin-tinged, R’n’B song that has a catchy rhythm and lyrics perfect for singing along to. 

Golden Years by Ruel (2018)

Some people say that your school years are the best years of your life. This 2017 hit by the Australian pop artist is pretty much saying the same thing – although the lyrics don’t actually specify which golden years they are, you should adopt this as your anthem anyway. At least, for this summer! 

Paris in the Rain by Lauv (2017)

You live in Hong Kong, so naturally you know that not all your summer days are full of sun. This 2017 release by Lauv is perfect for popping on when the heavens open and you’re curled up on your sofa at home.

Glorious by Macklemore featuring Skylar Grey (2017)

Feel as glorious as Macklemore wants you to be by putting this 2017 song on repeat. Did you know that the American rapper and songwriter’s grandma features in the  music video? She’s shown living life to the max with Macklemore, shopping, egging houses, and visiting an arcade together. 

What We Live For by American Authors (2016)

This 2016 tune is all about taking the open road, driving around without a care in the world, and singing along to the radio as you hurtle towards your next adventure. This will encourage you to be as free and live your best life – perfect for the holidays!


Riptide by Vance Joy (2013)

This 2013 is arguably already a classic indie folk tune. What with its gentle guitar strumming and amazing lyrics, we can’t think of a better background song to have on your phone as you wander down the beach. 

Edited by Ginny Wong