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Hollie Chung, YP intern
Hollie Chung, YP intern |

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By Hollie Chung, YP intern

If you're looking for a lift, sit back and enjoy the angelic voice of Fiona Fung hei-yee. A Little Love is a mix of new hits and songs she has recorded for movies over the last few years.

Fung has an adorable and irresistible voice that really stirs the emotions. The most moving song is Goodbye Sir from the movie Infernal Affairs. It has such a sorrowful atmosphere, you may cry. On other songs, Fung almost whispers the lyrics.

But Fung also has a go at more upbeat numbers, showing off her range. A highlight is Mars Aborigine, a particularly comic song that makes Fung sound like a naughty little girl.

Don't be put off by the long list of tracks: some are just short snatches of melody Fung hums along to.

Fung contributes to many of the lyrics, and most of them are about love, hence the album name. Almost all of them are in Cantonese; bizarrely they all have English names.

On the whole, the album feels like a summary of Hong Kong, full of familiar tunes and school memories.

There is only one photo of the singer in the liner notes, which emphasises the point that Fung is selling her voice, not her image. How refreshing for a Canto-pop star.

YP rating: 3/5

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