HK indie rockers ‘Strange Lives’ debut album promises more to come [Music review]

Chris Gillett |

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They’re fairly new to the local music scene, but Hong Kong indie rockers Strange Lives recently released their self-titled debut EP.

Opener Colors is instantly reminiscent of many indie rock bands of the mid-2000s. The understated post-punk bass lines, guitar riffs and soft melodic vocals from Elliot Wan feel like Snow Patrol meets The Fray, but with a little more grit, along with some interesting wordplay.

A Dream Away really kicks into the chugging power chords of early Green Day, before a dreamy synth riff elevates the anthemic chorus.

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This Time changes it up once more, trying to marry the low-grungey riffs of Arctic Monkeys with the kind of laddish, playful nature of the Kaiser Chiefs’ hit song Ruby.

As the EP progresses, the songs get heavier; Losing You Again has the same funk sensibilities as the Red Hot Chili Peppers song Aeroplane, while closer Back To You begins with the vivacious energy of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, before ending in style with a huge Royal Blood-like riff.

Strange Lives certainly wear their influences on their sleeve, but this promising debut shows us they have the songwriting potential to make it big.