Oasis set eases the pain

YP intern Christopher Wang
YP intern Christopher Wang |

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A collective cry of pain echoed from all true Britpop fans when Oasis announced their split last year. Does their newest compilation, Time Flies ... 1994-2009, bring solace? It's Oasis, pure and simple, at their very best. Containing all 27 singles released during that 15-year period, Time Flies pays just tribute to an iconic band whose sound defined an entire rock genre.

It's only fitting that the album opener is Supersonic, Oasis' debut single. It's hard not to feel the nostalgia as the nonsensical lyrics bring back that biting, devil-may-care attitude the band became famous for. That sound of pure hard rock is raw aural adrenaline that few will be able to resist chanting along to. And the emotional ride continues.

Oasis' songs are meant to be shouted along with, invoking a deep sense of comradeship normally reserved for national anthems.

The band acknowledge their fans for their success: the album booklet is a heartwarming collection of quotes from fans around the world.

It's hard not to tear up reading how a band sparked a rock revolution and touched an entire generation.

The epitome of English rock, with every ounce of the swagger, attitude and ego Oasis broadcast in their career, Time Flies is a must for anyone who enjoys rock.

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