The Script's new album, No Sound Without Silence, needs rewriting [Review]

By Lucy Christie
By Lucy Christie |

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No Sound Without Silence is The Script's fourth studio album. The opening track, No Good in Goodbye, has their signature sound - so similar, in fact, that after the bridge I half-expected them to burst into the Hall of Fame chorus. It's not bad, but it's not mind-blowing, either.

The rest of the album follows much the same pattern. Actually, all of the songs sound annoyingly similar. Even lead single Superheroes offers nothing fresh.

The Script play it safe with this album, which is disappointing, as their talent and energy have been put into such bland lyrics as Man on a Wire's "Yesterday's love is not tomorrow's regret."

The running theme seems to be soppy love songs that don't feel very genuine or heartfelt. Rather, it feels as if the purpose of the weepy gushes is to prey on recently heartbroken listeners.

The token guitar-playing is painful - it feels as if they included this just so that they say they are a rock band rather than a boy band.

Overall it feels as if the band just weren't that bothered. Danny O'Donoghue has a good voice, and the singing itself is pretty good, but the music is bland, and the lyrics generic, making the album as a whole disappointing.