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Many indie bands have emerged into Hong Kong's mainstream music industry in recent years. Supper Moment, formed in 2006, released their debut album Wait a Moment early last month, and are further proof that there is life beyond Canto-pop.

The record features a variety of pop rock styles and subject matter. The third track, Last Supper, for example, tells the story of an old couple who still cherish their moments together. This song will touch your soul with both its melody and lyrics. The vocals are impressively emotional, forcing listeners to pay attention.

Opener Farewell to the Air is one of the strongest tracks on the album. The bass, guitar and the drums blend to produce a tense atmosphere, and a powerful finale.

The last song, Look Across Coast to Coast, is the only Putonghua song on the album. It does not have enough variety to make it a worthy listen. The emotion tends to fade out as the lyrics repeat. Also, the song feels too long.

There are only six songs, so this album may not seem like particularly good value for money. But Supper Moment's music is definitely a case of quality over quantity, and will leave you begging for more.