JLo album a let-down

YP cadet Jocelyn Wong


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Jennifer Lopez's Love? is an attempt at redeeming herself after her last two less-than-stellar performances on album charts. But it does not showcase her singing abilities. Most of the songs are overworked, sounding heavily auto-tuned with heavy beats.

The track (What Is) Love? is annoying with its instrumentals and orchestration. Other songs such as Good Hit and I'm Into You are generic, rap-with-sporadic-moments-of-singing tunes that would deserve only a likewise lukewarm reception among fans.

Papi is the one redeeming feature in this otherwise dismal album. Here, a glimmer of the old feisty songstress is seen with her confident and flirty delivery of what are actually shallow lyrics. But it's catchy and will get people to "put [their] hands up in the air" and "dance for their papi".

Other fairly decent choices in the album include Invading My Mind and Starting Over, which detail JLo in hot pursuit of a relationship. Though burdened with the same trite lyrics, the music is less overworked - and the simplicity makes these tracks shine among the clutter.

In a departure from her past albums, Lopez strays from her Spanish roots and edges towards a commercial, heavy sound that has boosted the likes of Lady Gaga and Ke$ha. However, the music is so stripped down, beaten and over-edited that it will leave fans of the original Jenny From the Block very disappointed.