British indie pop band The Japanese House drops a stunning debut album in 'Good At Falling' [Music Review]

Solo artist Amber Bain's first full-length LP feature beautiful lyrics and sophisticated sounds

Chris Gillett |

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Following a succession of critically-acclaimed EP releases, The Japanese House have finally dropped their debut album, Good At Falling.

Maybe You’re The Reason has such a memorable chorus with its clean guitar bends and reflective reprise, that you’ll be humming it months down the line.

We Talk All The Time and You Seemed So Happy are equally enthralling, while Somethingfartoogoodtofeel provides sophisticated instrumentation, with high violin stabs and reverse feedback to coincide with the dreamy, muted atmospheres.

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Lilo sums up the record perfectly with its balance of 1975-esque electro-pop, and singer Amber Bain’s thought-provoking lyrics showcase the finesse put into every aspect of this album.

As Good At Falling progresses, Bain moves away from the accessible indie aesthetic and into a more experimental and diverse set of songs, even if they don’t flow as smoothly as the opening half. Everybody Hates Me has a sense of theatricality as it glides from echoed piano chords to a huge, spiralling, phasing-fuelled chorus, while Marika Is Sleeping and Faraway are more introverted with their atonal chord shifting.

We might only be one album in, but The Japanese House are already rubbing shoulders with some of the best dream-pop outfits out there.