‘Dreaming The Dark’, with its daring, dramatic pop beats, may get Tamaryn the mainstream recognition she deserves [Music Review]

Chris Gillett |

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For the past decade, dream-pop artist Tamaryn has been carving a reputation for herself in LA’s underground music scene. Her fourth album Dreaming The Dark could finally get her the mainstream recognition she deserves.

Terrified is a perfect example of Tamaryn’s genre-merging style; she adds 90s electronic beats and vocals to a 80s gothic new-wave soundscape. Where other artists can hint towards this era, Terrified sounds like it was written and recorded at that exact time.

Path To Love is similar, but with even more of a gothic edge, and a battle-cry chorus, “I’m choosing a path that leads to love/I’m taking what’s mine then I’m giving up.”

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Vocally, Tamaryn flits from lower-register drawls to high-pitched theatricality, especially in the bold lead single Fits of Rage. The passion bubbles over the music with each recurring chorus.

At its core, Dreaming The Dark is a solid, powerful statement, but is weakened by its first and last songs, Angels Of Sweat, The Jealous Kind and title-track closer. These tracks just don’t have the same impact as the others. But as Tamaryn’s song-writing continues to advance, so to should her fanbase.