Jade Bird album review: Britpop artist of 'I Get No Joy' fame is well on her way a high-flying career

Her self-titled album is gaining plenty of fans with catchy tracks like Ruins and Lottery

Chris Gillett |

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Brit School graduate Jade Bird has been making waves in recent years following her 2017 debut EP Something American, touring extensively and gaining plenty of accolades along the way. Now the 21-year-old has dropped her self-titled debut album, 12 tracks packed full of raw energy and intense vocals.

From the off, Ruins hits the ground running, her voice backed by an acoustic country vibe for a powerful opener, but it gets even more emphatic from here on. Lottery and I Get No Joy show even bigger choruses, backed by drums, bass and slide guitar.

Side Effects is the pinnacle moment, with its rocky, Bruce Springsteen-style approach, as sections weave easily together and Bird’s melodies are at their most absorbing.

Save a few ballads, this album continues to pick up the pace.

The fast strumming of Uh Huh and Going Gone have strong rockabilly vibes, while Good At It bursts with dynamic energy.

Closer If I Die makes amends for the slightly overdramatic piano efforts in My Motto and 17, with delicate, reverb-laden keys, and her voice offering velvety sentiments, “If I die, put me in a song/A beautiful one that plays on and on”.

It’s rare to see a fully-formed songwriter at such a young age – Bird is well on her way to building a high-flying career.

Edited by Nicole Moraleda

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