Overexposure = dumbing down

YP cadet Sophie Cheung
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Maroon 5 impress with their fourth album, Overexposed. It's jam-packed with upbeat, catchy songs that will get you dancing; the hits Moves Like Jagger and Payphone perfectly capture a bubbly summer mood.

Adam Levine's vocal talents shine through, as ever. A large part of Maroon 5's appeal is down to his skill and versatility at interpreting songs. He's capable of singing optimistic, buoyant tracks, yet also conveying the heartbreak of sad songs.

Maroon 5 have been criticised for changing their musical style - that their new songs no longer ring "true" to their old work's feel and sound.

In a way, it's true: many tracks, - One More Night in particular - fail to recall the classic, guitar-riffed, funky grooves that made songs, such as I Won't Go Home Without You, so appealing. Now we've got lots of glittery pop that, while initially satisfying, doesn't have such great lasting appeal.

Overexposed is satisfactory, but it's slightly disappointing that the melodies are patchier and more repetitive than the old, rockier ones; and the lyrics offer hollower, unsophisticated messages.

The band's new electronic style isn't objectionable per se, but fans of their original sound may not like it. Thankfully, Levine's flair stays the same. He's irreplaceable.

YP Rating: 3/5

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