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Reconstructed: The Best of DJ Shadow provides a glimpse into the dreamy, melodic and haunted world the master sampler has inhabited, all the way from his 1996 debut Entroducing... to his most recent The Less You Know, the Better.

The standard single-disc edition includes two previously unreleased tracks - Listen and Won't You Be. I seldom advocate buying extended versions but, if you're going to splash out, this is the time to do it. The two-disc version gives you an extra nine songs, including the slower piano-driven number Rabbit in Your Headlights, featuring Thom Yorke.

From the gentler, atmospheric piano and big, brassy beats of opener Midnight in a Perfect World and the folksy yet jazzy and playful I've Been Trying, to the instrumental Dark Days, Shadow shows us precisely why he's been around for so long.

While this would serve as a collector's item for diehards, most would already own most of the tracks, so should just complete their catalogue with downloads.

Casual Shadow fans would benefit most from the album, as it provides a great starting point from which to immerse yourself in Shadow's mesmerising world.

YP Rating: 4/5

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