Too little, too late for Aguilera

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I guess it is safe to place Christina Aguilera with Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears in the category of cliched divas missing their golden days, hoping for a second spring in their pop careers. Sadly for her, Aguilera's latest release, Lotus, is unimpressively average.

The title track is a confusing but enjoyable electronic mix in which Aguilera's powerhouse vocals are toned down with heavy synthesisers and filtered with autotune. The effort is experimental and would make more sense as a demo tape.

Your Body is a much more danceable and tightly composed tune, thanks to Max Martin's signature, thumping beat. Together with other decent pop tunes such as Ceasefire and Let There Be Love, the album is predictable but zingy.

The duets mix the genres up a bit. In Just a Fool, featuring Blake Shelton, Aguilera just about pulls off her first country pop ballad. The harmonies work, but the track is mostly too loud and crass for the genre.

Aguilera is all about the voice, but here she tries too hard to fit into what's hot right now just to regain popularity. In that respect, her giant voice is belittled.

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