[Review] Party girl puts on the brakes

By Candace Kwan
By Candace Kwan |

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Kesha's Warrior is a sheer delight - it's proof that her trademark sing-rap-talk that garnered attention in Tik Tok is here to stay. Her single, Die Young was an instant crowd favourite - "let's make the most of tonight like we're gonna die young". The album is largely upbeat and positive, but with a dose of realism and maturity.

Wonderland displays Kesha's mellower side. With similar content to Katy Perry's Teenage Dream, only without the chance of a happy ending, the track ends with Kesha longing to get "back to wonderland, where it all began".

Similarly, Last Goodbye is a bittersweet farewell to an old flame. Now that he's got "someone new ... [she] can't pretend to just be cool". The undertones of bitterness are a little unexpected, as Kesha is known as a party girl - this track is raw, without her usual, sparkly attention-seeking.

There's still some autotune, but a whole lot less this time around; so if Kesha never caught your fancy before, Warrior is a reason to give her music a shot.

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