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The first American Idol may have started her career with A Moment Like This, a sub-par-Celine-Dion ballad, but since then, Kelly Clarkson has released reams of reliable pop rock. Opening Greatest Hits: Chapter One with the self-assured Since U Been Gone could be seen as a nose-thumbing at those who tried to mould her in the early days.

This album is a reminder that Clarkson isn't afraid to try new things. Never Again, from her third, dark, album My December, verges on hardcore rock, while new track People Like Us has an unrelenting dance beat. There are two country duets here, Don't You Wanna Stay and Don't Rush, which stay true to the genre without alienating her core fan base.

Clarkson is at her best on the feisty pop rock numbers - I Do Not Hook Up and My Life Would Suck Without You are highlights. But it's near-impossible to criticise anything here. The Texan's voice is as enjoyable on the sassy Miss Independent and over the R&B beats of Mr Know It All as it is on the plaintive Because of You or the gorgeous The Trouble with Love Is.

If you're already a fan, this is great addition to the collection. If you're yet to discover what an American Idol should be capable of, pick this up. Now.

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