[Review] Tre! limps to the finishing line

By Candace Kwan
By Candace Kwan |

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It may be hard to believe that Green Day have been around since 1987 (yeah, there's a good chance the band is older than you), but they're still going strong. The third instalment of their Uno!, Dos! and Tre! trilogy shows how diverse Green Day's approach to music can be. Billie Joe Armstrong told Rolling Stone it would be epic ... and indeed it is.

Tre! is stadium-worthy for sure, but it's hard to enjoy out of context. The contrast between Tre! and its predecessors is huge; the album simply isn't that good on its own. It's weird that their strength is also their weakness: the albums form a cohesive unit, but almost boringly so.

Tre! is tied together by a seemingly endless series of stadium-bound songs, which would surely sound better live with a horde of screaming fans. Unfortunately, you probably won't walk away with any tunes stuck in your head, except maybe Amanda, a hidden gem that packs a two-minute, 28-second punch.

Still, Tre! is worth checking out, for Green Day's stellar technical prowess if nothing else.

YP Rating: 3/5


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