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The Grammys are past and gone, but the 2013 Grammy Nominees album is still hot property. With 22 hit songs, all nominated for at least one award, there's something for everyone.

Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together may have lost Record of the Year to Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know, but its popularity is undeniable. It's not hard to understand why - with its catchy tune and relatable lyrics, this song hit home for a lot of people.

"Call me, maybe" was one of the most overused phrases of last summer, but its namesake song got Carly Rae Jepsen two nods. Sandwiched between Maroon 5's Payphone and the smooth electric soul of Miguel's Adorn, the insistent earworm is a reminder of why pop is still so much fun.

Ed Sheeran may still be unfamiliar to some, but he and his mellow debut The A Team got a lot more press after he wrote One Direction's Little Things, and contributed to Swift's album Red. His song, inspired by a visit to a homeless shelter, does much to prove that music is not all fluff.

There are five rock songs, a hearty dose of country pop, and plenty to make you dance, before Adele rounds things off with her excellent Set Fire To The Rain. I defy you not to press replay.

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