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In the 12th month of his 12th year on the music scene, Jay Chou Jie-lun released his 12th album, aptly named Opus 12. With all the tracks composed by Chou himself, the album offers a balanced blend of upbeat numbers and ballads, as well as some variety in genres. A Larger Cello (比較大的大提琴) and Red Dust Inn (紅塵客棧) particularly stand out with their respective jazzy and oriental styles amidst the usual pop tracks.

While the tracks may be catchy on their own, the album as a whole runs the risk of being forgettable, and even boring, with its similarly sounding numbers. Nonetheless, many of the songs have melodies that are easy on the ear; that said, Train Of The Four Seasons (四季列車) and Gong Gong With A Headache (公公偏頭痛) can be considered noise more than music, leaving you itching to skip to the next number.

Smile (傻笑) features a collaboration with Chou's apprentice, Cindy Yen Yong-lin, freshening up the number. Much of Opus 12 is rather superficial, but this track - in addition to Love You No Matter What (愛你沒差) and You Are Everywhere (哪裡都是你) - stands out in that Chou's emotion is able to come through in his lyrics. All in all, the album has its moments, but it's hardly Chou's crowning achievement.

YP Rating: 3/5

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