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Canto-rock band Mr.'s New Beginning is a fun and vibrant album with much to offer - from disco tunes to sentimental ballads.

Containing nine tracks, there's something for everyone. Dance Floor is an upbeat disco track, with an almost psychedelic sound; while Yesterday's Dreams (舊日理想) is a classic rock tune with an awesome guitar solo in the middle.

One of the highlights is Sense of Direction (方向感), a sentimental song which describes the confusion the band members were facing when they feared that their musical journey might be coming to an end.

Their record label was constantly urging them to write new songs, but they felt uninspired and didn't know what kind of style they wanted to write in. They may have been confused about what makes a good song, but all that melancholic musing seems to have worked in their favour!

Another winner is A Love Song (一首情歌). This mellow acoustic ballad describes how a love song doesn't need to be splendid or poetic, and how simple, genuine lyrics can be more heartfelt.

With its range of songs, rich instrumentation and lead singer Alan Po Chi-lun's unfaltering voice, New Beginning is a welcome return to the scene for the five-piece.

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