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YP cadet Jessie Pang
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On their sophomore album, Dear Diary, Canto-pop duo Robynn & Kendy are more personal and sentimental. As well as five original compositions about their lives, and filled with encouraging messages, they also give their own take on five classic Canto-pop tracks, saluting some of their favourite singers of all time and exposing people of their generation and younger to Canto-pop from the '80s and '90s.

One of the highlights is The Story of a Star (一顆星的故事). They sing about their dedication to music, and their simple wish to cheer people up and inspire the world. Also, they encourage people to be confident no matter what difficulties they encounter.

Another highlight is their cover of Canto-rock band Beyond's Sea and Sky (海闊天空).The original version was a masterpiece that still influences local musicians today, so it's hard to record a cover good enough to win the hearts of music fans. However, they took the plunge, and succeed, with their clear voices and a simple piano accompaniment. Their version not only gives a classic a new twist, it proves Robynn and Kendy's sincere admiration of Beyond frontman Wong Ka-kui.

They can only get even better.

YP Rating: 4/5

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