Bastille makes a smooth debut [Review]

Leon Lee
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Dan Smith, the lead singer of English band Bastille, is a self-professed film addict, and his infatuation for the silver screen is evident throughout his band's debut album, Bad Blood. From the musical arrangements to the movie poster-inspired cover, the record plays like a movie that spans genres such as electronic, hip hop and rock.

Opening track Pompeii begins with an epic chorus of chanting, quickly joined by Smith's high-pitched vocals and a cluster of electronic sounds and drumming that make it toe-tappingly enjoyable. The good feeling continues in Bad Blood, as the bass-heavy, somewhat moody song is perfect for losing yourself in thought while in transit.

Even the piano and light beats of the slower, more emotional tracks, such as Overjoyed, soften the blow of the painful lyrics.

But the absolute highlight is Flaws. Its catchy chorus will have you singing the words in no time.

Smith's vocals are pleasant enough, but not stunning - yet this is a compliment, as he never overpowers the music. Instead, voice and instruments blend perfectly together.

Bad Blood is a strong debut; expect more hits to come to a record store near you.

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