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Hurts' songs are not particularly striking in terms of lyrics or melodies; the vocals are reminiscent of The Killers, and Miracle, the lead single off second album Exile, has hints of Coldplay's Princess of China. But what sets them apart is the incorporation of synthesised beats and riffs into otherwise stereotypical love songs.

Exile is more sombre than their first album, with heavier, more down-tempo songs. Many of these are mostly instrumental, but the gaps between vocals are filled with interesting notes and rhythms. Mercy is a great example: between the words are pulsing basslines and wild, fluctuating melodic hooks.

One of the few highs is Only You, its memorable chorus underscored by a synthetic, repeating tune, and the minute-long instrumental mixing synth riffs and some bizarre, but hugely effective dissonance.

While the synths are a nice touch, not much else on Exile stands out. After a few tracks, you start to wonder when they'll stop being about love and start being about - well, anything else, really.

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